9 Key factors to keep your best people from walking out the door!

They are calling it the

"Great Resignation"

  • 25% of the Australian workforce is actively looking for a new job according to Gartner, but Hays Recruitment pegs that at 40%.
    4 million employees a month, on average, are quitting their jobs in the U.S.
    55% of workers say they plan to look for a new job within the next 12 months (a number that’s almost 10 percentage points higher than it was just a couple of months ago)
    47% of all employees have said they are looking for a job that provides more growth opportunity for them
    80% said that they would rather have their boss care about them finding meaning and success in work vs. getting a 20% pay increase
    23% of employees who recently left their jobs did so because of workplace conflict
The 9 Currencies of Choice® Cheat Sheet

We are so pleased to provide you with our proprietary employee engagement and retention 'cheat sheet' - the 9 Currencies of Choice® model.

This model was reverse-engineered from over 5,000 exit interviews and has made a bottom-line impact on our clients as you can see below.

Use the 9 Currencies of Choice to:

 (real results from clients)


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