Hybrid Work is the New Black

3 Simple strategies to do it well


Learn how to offer flexibility and effective hybrid work arrangements to attract, engage - and retain - top talent.

Leverage your remote team for a greater customer experience and competitive advantage.

72% of the global workforce wants the ability to work from home (or wherever they choose) for part or all of their work week. But an almost equal percentage of senior leaders want their employees to come back into the office.

Bridging this gap is one of the most difficult challenges you as C-Suite Leader, General Manager and HR Director face today.

Especially if your leaders fear that when their team are not in the office:

  • Productivity suffers
  • The team will lose the ability to collaborate
  • Creativity and innovation will go down
  • Culture will be degraded
  • New employees will lose out on those organic learning moments that occur when people sit next to each other

Let’s face it, what they (and possibly even you) are really thinking (but rarely saying) is that:

  • You cannot trust your employees
  • You will lose control of what your teams are doing
  • Customer service and quality will go down

Unfortunately, these very fears are what ACTUALLY drives loss of productivity, innovation, creativity and culture.


Because the ability to control (or lack thereof) when, where and how they work is what is driving candidates to participate in the Great Resignation and turn down roles.


Fortunately, solving the hybrid work challenge doesn’t have to be hard and when you do your employees, your clients - and you - will all benefit. 

Please join me for a brand new masterclass where I will give you a step by step process to help nail hybrid work.  


You will walk away with:

Deep insight into why offering hybrid/remote work is non-negotiable in the post-pandemic world - even if we go into a recession.

Myths and facts about the effectiveness of hybrid work arrangements.

Best in class insights into what companies are doing to make remote/hybrid work arrangements work.

Tips, tricks and techniques from real-life case studies that will show you exactly how you can offer remote/hybrid work and not:

  • Degrade company culture
  • Sacrifice customer service
  • Lose collaboration opportunities
  • Miss out on those ‘water cooler conversations’

Hybrid Work is the
New Black

Session 1: SEPT 14th, 5PM New York | SEPT 15th 7AM Sydney

Hybrid Work is the
New Black

Session 2: SEPT 14th, 11PM New York | SEPT 15th 1PM Sydney

Client testimonials

“Kim was one of only a handful of non-technical speakers we asked to move from our live to virtual Summit at the onset of COVID.”


“The Best digital speaker session I’ve been a part of. Kim managed to get the same level of engagement as she would standing in front of us.”


“We could not be more delighted with the impact Kim has made with our business and with our clients.”


“By far the strongest results of our entire series of business summits.”


About Kim Seeling Smith

CEO and Found of Ignite Global, Kim Seeling Smith

Future of Work expert, Kim Seeling Smith helps organizations build and retain a future fit workforce to reach their commercial goals, create thriving cultures, and overcome challenges and seize opportunities presented by the post-pandemic world. She engages audiences as a master storyteller, passionate educator and trend translator.

Kim Seeling Smith and Sir Richard Branson pictured together in Ulusaba, South Africa.

Kim has literally had a seat at the table with Sir Richard Branson for the innovative work she does around the Future of Work, was named a Top 101 Global Influencer on Employee Engagement, wrote THE how to guide on 1:1 employee check-ins, Mind Reading for Managers, and co-wrote a Career Development Guide with mega author Brian Tracy.

You will frequently see Kim on Sunrise, The Today Show, in Forbes, Fast Company, SmartCompany, CEO Magazine, CNBC Online, the Australian Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and many other print and radio media outlets.

A recovering, KPMG trained CPA, Kim has run an international, award-winning consulting firm since 2009. Prior to that she managed globally ranked recruitment teams and has personally conducted over 5,000 exit interviews.

Kim is a highly engaging, thought provoking and inspiring speaker who leaves her audience with clarity, optimism — and at least 3 actionable steps to make an immediate difference in their business.

She is a founding member of Virgin Unite’s 100% Human at Work Initiative in Australia and the Chief Inspiration Officer for Inspire Sydney.

Kim is a Certified Speaking Professional and a Certified Virtual Presenter and has been presenting virtually since 2012.

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