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How to Create A SPOT On Success Profile™

THE KEY to hiring well the first time
and holding staff accountable for

Do you or your organization:

  • Hire too many people who are not what you thought they were in the interview?
  • Have trouble holding people accountable for producing the work you would like them to or living up to their potential?
  • Have trouble managing people remotely since you’ve lost a line of sight on the hours they work?
There is one simple and practical solution for these challenges -
The Success Profile.

The SPOT On Success Profile™ Short Course includes:

A 20 minute video training that teaches you exactly how to create a SPOT On Success Profile™

Our proprietary SPOT On™ Success Profile template to create your own, customized SPOT On Success Profile™. Just follow the instructions on this template and brand it to make it your own.

Our SPOT On™ Insights Paper with questions to help you clarify your thinking as well as examples of real SPOT On™ Success Profiles from other Ignite Global Clients.

NOTE: This training comes included with our SPOT On Hiring System™ or Mind Reading for Managers® courses.

Who will benefit from the SPOT On Success Profile™ Short Course?

  1. Managers who are tired of hiring the wrong people or are looking for a better way to hold staff accountable for great performance.
  2. Talent Acquisition Specialists or HR Professionals who would like a simple and effective way to help managers clarify their thinking around exactly what type of candidate they would like to hire.
  3. Anyone responsible for placing recruitment ads that yearns for a framework that will magnetically attract the right people while repelling the wrong ones.

Real Results

A Success Profile not only clearly and objectively articulates what a successful candidate needs to achieve in a role and how their success will be measured but also what competencies (we call these Strengths) they need to possess to be able to successfully achieve those outcomes.

A well written Success Profile also acts like a magnet to attract the right candidates - while repelling the wrong ones.

The framework we use to teach you how to write a great Success Profile is called the SPOT On Success Profile™ - because doesn’t everyone want someone “spot on” for their role?

The SPOT On Success Profile™ is a revolutionary framework that can be incorporated into any existing form or process.

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SPOT On Success Profile™ Short Course


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  • 20 minute engaging video training
  • Our proprietary, customizable SPOT On Success Profile™ Template with step by step instructions. 
  • Our SPOT On Success Profile™ Insights Paper with examples of each of the 4 components of the SPOT On Success Profile™

This framework was built by Ignite Global’s CEO, Kim Seeling Smith after spending 15 years working as an international recruiter and helping thousands of organizations hire great staff.

Kim’s fall off ratio (the percentage of people who do not work out after placement) was consistently 2% during that 15 years - industry standard is 10%. Kim attributes this achievement, in part, to using the SPOT On Success Profile™ to help her clients define and articulate precisely what they needed for the role they were hiring prior to the interview process.

You can use this same methodology to make your hiring more efficient and effective - saving you time, money and frustration!

Jamie Shelton, CEO Northrop Consulting Engineers

“I appreciate Kim's ability to break down complex concepts into understandable, relatable and practical models and frameworks that we can all apply directly to finding and keeping good people - something that doesn't come naturally to our engineers.”

Serge Infanti, Managing Director at Foodco Group (Muffin Break, Jamaica Blue, Dreamy Donuts)

“The quality of your program is excellent and equal to anything I have seen in the market. However, it is your commitment, professionalism, and passion that was far beyond my expectations and what made the experience such a positive one for all. You have established an excellent rapport with the Foodco team, so much so that they think of you as one of the staff!”

Kaylene Little, Head of People and Communities, Tassal Group, Limited

I reflect on all of our interactions and I have always felt that when we are working on something together, we have your undivided attention and commitment. You bring your vast and varied expertise to the table in a value-adding non-judging manner and your positive nature is not only uplifting but infectious. There is not one interaction that we have had (which has now been many) that I can honestly say that I do not feel this way about our connection. A true gift.”

Daniela Burton, Human Resources Advisor, CARDNO

The Ignite team have delivered several training courses to our management group. On each occasion, the feedback received has been fantastic, with the course exceeding expectations. Ignites training is both informative and engaging, inspiring participants to utilize the tools and techniques presented. Kim is an exceptional presenter who is impressive in her delivery and shares a wealth of knowledge within her field of expertise.”

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In demand media commentator

A few of our satisfied clients

About Kim Seeling Smith

Kim Seeling Smith is the CEO of Ignite Global and a leading NOW Work expert (because the Future of Work arrived on Friday the 13th of March 2020 when COVID-19 thrust us into a new reality more quickly than anyone had predicted).

Kim is a regular commentator for The Today Show, Forbes, CNBC Online, the Australian Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and many other print and radio media outlets.


Kim is the author of Mind Reading for Managers: 5 FOCUSed Conversations for Greater Employee Engagement and Productivity and has been recognized by Richard Bransons 100% Human at Work Initiative for the innovative, yet practical work Ignite Global does to help businesses solve the very complex challenges around the Now of Work. 

Kim is also an avid master SCUBA diver who cares deeply about the worlds oceans. Her time spent underwater helps reinforce her understanding of global connectivity and the importance of corporate sustainability.

About Ignite Global

We help future-focused organizations build and retain the workforce they need to thrive in the Decade of Disruption - what many are calling the period from now to 2030.

COVID-19 will hopefully be the most significant disruption of this decade, but the futurists, demographers and economists will tell you it certainly won’t be the last.

To not only survive - but to thrive - organizations need 6 things:

  1. A compelling, customer/community-oriented purpose with a strong set of values that are used in hiring, accountability and decision making.
  2. Collaborative leadership capable of making smart decisions with incomplete information and being able to pivot quickly and effectively when those decisions are proven to be incorrect (and some will).
  3. Open, honest, transparent communication built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.
  4. A simple framework used to set and hold people accountable for great performance.
  5. Managers who prioritize their team over their ‘day job’. Who form deep relationships with staff, studying and meeting their needs (or managing their expectations when they do not).
  6. The willingness to reimagine old school practices and processes that simply no longer work.

We help you accomplish the above through:

  • Our Future/Now of Work Gap Analysis
  • Strategic planning and facilitation with C Suites or Boards of Directors
  • Our 3 signature programs:
    • The SPOT On™ Success Profile: THE KEY to helping you hire well the first time and hold staff accountable for great performance.
    • The SPOT On™ Hiring System: A step by step framework, training and customizable forms and other assets o help you plan, prepare and conduct an effective and efficient hiring process.
    • Mind Reading for Managers: 5 FOCUSed Conversations for Greater Employee Engagement and Productivity: A monthly 1:1 conversational structure with a 7 year track record of increasing employee engagement and retention.